About Us

Welcome to Tireless Travellers!!

Our names are Pedro and Liv! First of all a bit about us! Pedro has completed a degree in sports development and is due to finish his masters in sports coaching very soon! Liv is a mental health nurse currently working on a psychiatric intensive care unit. We have been together for over a year now and quickly we identified we both loved visiting new places!

Although we both love our jobs, we have a passion for travelling! We both believe that there is more to life than working every day and that our main goal in life is to travel to as many places as we can. We have both decided to move from England, to Australia next year and we are in the process of completing our visas for this. Australia is going to be our new base to where we travel from!

Pedro is more of the risk taker in the relationship, he is outgoing, sociable, motivated and fun! Liv is more shy when meeting new people (although once she gets to know people she really comes out of her shell) and does not like taking risks at all. Part of this journey around the world is so Ped can help Liv come out of her comfort zone and do things she would never usually do!

In life we are all expected to get married, have children, buy a house, be successful in our careers, all of which are great achievements! However, although we want those things in the future, right now we want to experience the world! We hope that we can inspire other people/couples to travel and take the risks in life that we are so accustomed not to take!!

We hope that you enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoy writing it for you!