Top things to see in Barcelona!

Top things to see in Barcelona!


Sagrada Familia

So we start our top things to see in Barcelona with the famous Sagrada Familia! What a piece of architecture! When visiting the Sagrada Familia, we do recommend paying the admission fee to go inside as the stain glass windows create beautiful colours inside the building. A lot of people tend to congregate outside the front of the building, but if you walk round the back you will find a small park with a lake and benches to sit on. There are not as many tourists round this area and we sat on the bench and took it all in. Another tip is to go either early on in the morning or later at night as again there are not as many crowds!


Park Güell

Park Güell is a must, after all Barcelona is famous for Gaudi’s sculptural buildings. It is lovely just walking round it without paying to get in, but if you want to get up close and personal with the sculptures then you have to pay. We recommend booking in advance because if you turn up on the day they can turn you away. We got the metro there and you can get off at either Lesseps or Vallcarca stops. If you follow the crowds you will make it to the park. Just warning you though, it is a steep descent to the top, we nearly died walking up it! There are escalators if you’re clever (unlike us) on Baixada de la Gloria and then go to the entrance on Passatge de Sant Josep de la Muntanya. We were unable to find the escalators unfortunately! There are many entrances to the park and if you do want to see the main sculptures, you are best entering the park at the main entrance as it took us about half an hour walking around the outside of the park to actually find them! Make sure you check out the other Gaudi buildings which are dotted around the city too.

El Turó de La Rovira

Unfortunately we did not make it here as we were on a tight schedule! We were told that this is one of the best viewpoints of Barcelona and it is free! It is a 360 degree view of the city and the photos we have seen are spectacular! During the Spanish civil war, anti-aircraft guns were installed here to defend the city. After the war, a small neighbourhood of around 600 people lived there, however these have since been demolished. One great thing about this viewpoint is that there are not many tourists who know about it (until now sorry!), therefore it is not busy like others viewpoints. However, at weekends local’s do tend to visit. Another tip is to take some water with you, we were told that there were no shops there. The best way to get there is by bus, you can get the V17 from Port Vell, 92 from near the Torre Agbar and the 24 from Placa de Catalunya. From the bus stop it takes around ten minutes to walk to the viewpoint! You can also get the metro to Alfons X and it is around a 30 minute walk. We recommend getting some wifi before you set off and putting the viewpoint in your google maps just incase!

Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

This was by far our highlight of Barcelona! Crowds gather for a magnificent display of colour, lights, music and water aerobics! We recommend that you get there early, we got there about half an hour before the show started and it was PACKED. We ended up perching on one of the smaller water fountains at the side but we got a little bit wet during the performance. The atmosphere was amazing, people were buzzing for the show and there were entertainment groups getting the crowd going before it started! There are also men selling beer and water very cheap so you can watch the show with a refreshment. The show went on for an hour and was definitely worth it. When you leave there are hundreds of small stalls selling souvenirs which are also a lot cheaper than the souvenir shops in Barcelona. We recommend getting your souvenir presents from here instead! The show times and how to get there can be found here.

La Rambla

Probably the most famous street in Barcelona! It consists of many shops, restaurants and bars. This street is bustling and if you venture off down one of the side streets you will find so many things that catch your eye. We mentioned in the last post, but just off La Rambla is La Boqueria market which sells every food you could imagine. It is definitely worth the visit even if you aren’t wanting to buy any food. From La Rambla you can pretty much reach any destination you want to visit in Barcelona as it is quite central to everything!


Plaça Reial

This square is just beautiful and full of atmosphere! It was designed by Francesc Molina in the 1800’s. The palm trees give it an exotic feel too. The square is a hub for nightlife, there is an abundance of bars and restaurants to try. There are also promoters in the square who will guide you to the best nightlife around the area, if you wish! The atmosphere on a night time is incredible, you can’t help but be happy when here. We both enjoyed a lovely meal at Les Quinze Nits (see previous post for our review) and we managed to get a table outside with a view of the square.


Gothic Quarter

Just next to La Rambla, the Gothic Quarter is the centre of the old city of Barcelona. When you walk through it you will see a mix of the old and new buildings together. We both got lost in the Gothic Quarter, it is a bit of a maze of small streets but it is definitely worth walking around them. Right in the centre of the Gothic Quarter is the cathedral which is huge! When you walk around the Gothic Quarter you will find many shops, bars and restaurants. You’ll be spoilt for choice!






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