Why you need to visit Barcelona!

What a city!!

Barcelona is one of the top cities to visit in Europe and now we know why! 

Barcelona is primarily known for its art, architecture and good food! It is well connected using the metro or you can easily walk to all the well known destinations. Barcelona is a vibrant city and here is why you need to visit..


You will never complain about not being able to find somewhere to eat in Barcelona, there are literally restaurants EVERYWHERE! You can find restaurants serving almost every cuisine imaginable in Barcelona if you look for it.

Somewhere we really recommend you visit if you fancy cooking yourself using the local produce is La Boqueria, a huge food market just off La Rambla. It sells all local produced food such as fish, meat, fruit and cheese. Even if you aren’t wanting to cook for yourselves, it is definitely an experience visiting and there are some lovely restaurants just by it to try.

A popular place to eat is the Arenas Shopping Mall. If you go to the top floor, there are views of Barcelona and the restaurants are affordable and really good quality. Some that we recommend are Quinto Quinta, La Botiga and La Tagliatella.

Another popular but beautiful place to eat is in the Placa Reial, again just off the La Rambla, is Les Quinze Nits. Perfect for a romantic meal, we went here on our last night  and it was the perfect end to our time in Barcelona. The food was top quality and at an affordable price! There can be a queue but it goes down very quickly and it gives you time to take in the beauty of the square! There are also some really fun Irish bars just round the corner too!


Things to do:

There is so much to do in Barcelona! We only stayed for 4 days and we couldn’t fit everything in!

Definitely visit the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell (and check out the other Gaudi buildings across Barcelona). La Rambla is a must, it is bustling with life day and night, you can sample the local cuisine along here or simply stroll along and take in the atmosphere! The magic fountain of Monjuic is a must see, crowds gather to watch the magical light and fountain show! If you’re a football fan then Camp Nou will be on your list (Pedro wanted to go and I reluctantly went along, it was actually okay to say I’m not a fan of football!).

Our next blog post will go more in detail about the top things to see in Barcelona, so definitely come back to read this!



Barcelona is exceptionally easy to get around. There are buses that connect you to every part of the city, as does the metro. We got a T10 metro ticket which cost around 10 euros. This was a multi person ticket so both of us could use this ticket. It allowed for 10 journeys on the metro, obviously as each person uses it, it takes off a journey and you both have to be travelling to the same destination. If you get this ticket rather than single tickets each time you can save around 11 euros! There are also many taxis which you can flag down in Barcelona, however we found this quite hard to do, they all seemed to have people in them… all the time! All the information for transport in Barcelona can be found here!


Barcelona is renowned for it’s nightlife!! There are plenty of cocktail bars especially around the Gothic Quarter and La Rambla. If you’re into the big clubs, many of them are by the beach. We were in the business district of Barcelona so we had to get a taxi there (Liv definitely could not walk the 30 minutes in heels!). If you want to go to the big clubs in the city, we recommend that you go on the ‘Shaz Guestlist’. You can access this here. You can either sign up for the guestlist or you can simply go up to the club and say you’re on the guestlist and they let you straight in. If you go on the website you can also see times where you can get in for free which will save you some money as the entry fee for some clubs are quite steep. Also pre-drink because the prices of drinks inside the clubs are more than what we would pay for usually! Don’t do what Ped did and pre-drink too much, meaning we got in the club for ten minutes and had to leave because he was too drunk! Some of the best clubs are Opium, Pacha, Jamboree and Eclispe. There are clubs for every type of music you’re into!!


The conclusion:

If you want good food, a great atmosphere, great weather (most of the time!), be able to sight see and have a good laugh then we definitely recommend you visit Barcelona!!

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